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        1. product display

        2. WA Series Diazo Emulsion
        3. FB Series Diazo Emulsion
        4. SBQ Photopolymer Emulsion
        5. CTS Laser Plate-Making Photoresist
        6. DS/TPQ Series Diazo Emulsion
        7. Printing Auxiliary Material

          OOTA, the company was established since Year-2009, the manufacturing site of OOTA New Material Technology Handan Co., Ltd. is located at Zhong Dian Technology Park, Handan City, Hebei Province. The total investment of the factory is CNY ¥120 Million (Around USD $16.7M), covering an area of 2.87 hectares, with a factory area for over 20,000sqms. OOTA primarily specialized in the production of high-performance emulsion for laser photo-polymer plates and photo-sensitive emulsion and supporting auxiliary products in the screen-printing industry. Our products are widely applicated in industries such as optoelectronics, touch screens, mobile phone covers, electronic circuits, automotive glass, ceramic flower paper decoration, and textile printing.

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